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One of our goals at The Kitchen is to promote our streetwear community of hypebeasts, sneakerheads, streetwear enthusiasts, and anyone who can appreciate the culture.  We were recently able to cook up with @cr1stalr of Central Florida on her thoughts about sneakers and anything in-between.  

Air Jordan Chicago 1 Sneakerhead Orlando Florida

You have a really dope collection of kicks - when did you realize you were going to be a sneakerhead?

 I realized probably a year ago, I started paying attention to the clothing and shoes that the top influencers were wearing like Kanye, Asap Rocky, Ian Conner etc. and I started researching on it and I was really feeling it I guess!

Air Jordan Chicago 1 Sneakerhead Orlando Florida Puma Supreme BAPE

What is your grail? Like what is the one pair of sneakers you want more than anything?

I have a couple grails  but I would have to say the Off white x Jordan 1s, Balenciagas, or Jordan 4s x Kaws would be an awesome add into my collection. 

Air Jordan Chicago 1 Sneakerhead Orlando Florida 

What you would you say to anyone that wants to get into sneakers but doesn’t know where to start?

 I would say start researching on YouTube,, sneaker complex magazine etc. They have a lot of info on the latest sneaker trends and everything.

Air Jordan Chicago 1 Sneakerhead Orlando Florida

Dad shoes – yes or no? (Examples: yeezy wave runner 750s, Balenciaga Triple S Trainers)

 I'd say that they are either fire or a bust.  For example, I'm not feeling the wave runners but I'm feeling the triple s trainers in some of the color ways.

What’s your shoe of the year?

I would say any of the Jordan 1s because they are such a timeless shoe and you can never go wrong with them!

Vans Sneakerhead Orlando Florida Supreme Bape

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Thanks for cooking with The Kitchen!


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