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The Kitchen recently had the privilege of cooking with The Palace Recording Studio, a new studio rooted in Central Florida.  We spent our time with Brinson, a young, and multifaceted entrepreneur with a goal of bringing quality services that are definitely worth your time.  Besides mastering his craft in the studio, Brinson is also working on solo projects as well as collaborations.

The Palace Recording Studio


Tell me a little bit about yourself – when did you realize you were meant to color out of the lines, and take risks – like when did you really learn that you were an entrepreneur?


I’d always been into music production and artistry since I was twelve.  But once I went to Stetson, I really started to take things seriously from a business perspective.  I realized there was demand for studio time amongst artists in Central FL, so I minored in digital arts to gain access to Stetson’s studio.  I began charging for studio time at a cheap rate to attract clientele and establish myself early in the game, while also developing the tools to attain the sought after “sound”.  My phone wouldn’t stop ringing.  I swear I was in that studio like every night till 3-4am recording artists, tracking my own solo projects or Florida’s Finest Family.  Running numbers with the rates I was charging, the dream of owning a studio turned into a plan.  I feel like that’s when it really hit me that I was doing something no one else my age was doing, at least in that capacity.  That’s when it hit me I had the makings of an entrepreneur.


What services do you guys offer?


Currently, The Palace Recording Studio offers recording, mixing, beat production, and video services. Studio time can be booked with in-house engineers (including myself) or external engineers to use our facility. We’ve also got a production/creative space in Studio B.  We offer the live room as a rehearsal space to select bands around the area.  We’re really trying to be the one-stop shop for artists in the industry.


We’ve got a licensing division in the works and plan to offer additional services tailored towards commercial companies.

The Palace Recording Studio 

Do you have a favorite sneaker or pair of kicks that you always wanted?


Dream shoe is the Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Parley. I’ve got a love for surfing and the beaches, keeping our environment clean is crucial for our wellbeing.  The fact that they’re made from ocean plastic is thought provoking.  Not to mention they look crispy.  The NMD Nice Kicks are another dream pair.  It’s hard to choose favorites with Adidas.


Opening up your own recording studio and putting the finishing touches on it had to be a really accomplishing feeling – seriously, congrats. What’s your next big goal?


Thank you man, feels like living in a dream.  Next big goal, garner some RIAA certified plaques to hang on the walls.  Gotta start somewhere so a gold plaque is the first goal.  From there, platinum. 

 The Palace Recording Studio

Who are your biggest influences, and what would you tell the kid in your shoes five years ago? What advice would you give to the next entrepreneur that wants to embark on their own creative path but is afraid of committing?


The biggest influences in my personal life are my father and my grandma Valeria.  She’s the most resilient person I’ve met, with the humblest heart and wisdom to pass down for generations.  In my musical life I’ve always looked up to E. Dan (ID Labs).  That man is pure genius with his productions.  Artistry wise, Berner and Wiz.  Berner is so business savvy with his music.  Wiz never sold out to the game and I respect that, but he’s never been afraid of trying new things which is why he’s stayed relevant for so long in my opinion.  All of the above have a solid work ethic and are extremely consistent in releasing new content, something I’m aspiring towards.


For people starting out, just do it.  So many people try and steer you in different directions, or downplay your idea because they don’t have the same vision.  Follow your ambitions and stick to the plan.  Shit gets hard.  You’re going to fall short and need to adjust.  You’re gonna be broke when you first start out, but once the money rolls in it’s extremely rewarding.  Work hard but most importantly work smart.  I learned everything placed in your life (experiences, people, resources) is there for a reason.  Play the cards you’ve been dealt instead of studying someone else’s hand.  The past few months revealed everything I’ve been through ultimately played a part in where I’m standing today. 


What’s the best way for someone interested in your services to reach out to you?


Best way for someone to book a session or contact us is through our website or sending us an email

Cheers to The Palace Recording Studio and other entrepreneurs who have the courage to cook something different

The Palace Recording Studio

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  • So proud of you Brinson. You went after your dreams and brought them to reality. The tribute to your family was awesome. One day when you hit it big in the music industry and your production company I can say “I knew you when”. Go get them Brinson you are going to accomplish even greater things in life than you have already just remember to stay grounded, focused and on task.

    Mrs. Seilkop on

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